Transformations in Beauty and the Beast: Power, Character, and Gender Roles Explored

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Read the story of Beauty and the Beast. Think about how all the elements in the story go through a transformation from one form to another.
What transformations are there in wealth and power for each member of Beauty’s family before and after she sacrifices herself to the Beast?
What transformations of character happens between Beauty, her family members, and the Beast?
Consider the transformations that happen within the home settings throughout the story.
Consider Beauty’s relationships with men… what traits do we see in her relationship with her father throughout the story? What traits do we see as Beauty transforms from daughter to bride?
Consider the transformation of the beast to man.
Now look closely at the plot… is there a hero’s story for Beauty? Does her journey from start to finish create a hero status for her actions, her personality, her choices… or is it totally dependent on her one defining attribute: her physical beauty? For this version and many others, the plot for males are somewhat limited (consider Beauty’s sisters’ actions compared to her brothers’). Yet, is there a strong definition of maleness in the story?
What are the roles of males/female in the story? Do the actions of males (father, brothers, beast) give information to children on the roles of men in society? Do the actions of women (sisters, Beauty) also portray the roles and values best suited for women?
Can you think of other motifs present in the story of Beauty and the Beast? Define the moments of magic and wonder that make this tale a fairy tale!
Your analysis of this story should be at least 400-500 words in length. You are welcome to discuss any and all other Beauty and the Beast stories you discovered this week to add to the quality of your analysis.


The story of Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale that has been retold and adapted in various forms over the years. One of the most prominent themes of the story is the idea of transformation, with several characters and settings going through significant changes throughout the narrative.

Wealth and Power:

Before Beauty’s sacrifice to the Beast, her family is depicted as wealthy and powerful, with her father being a merchant who owned several ships. However, they fall on hard times, and their wealth and power diminish. After Beauty’s sacrifice, her family’s wealth and power are restored, with her father’s ships returning safely to port and her siblings finding success in their various pursuits.

Character Transformations:

The character transformations in Beauty and the Beast are perhaps the most significant. Beauty’s siblings are initially portrayed as selfish and unkind, but they eventually become more compassionate and caring towards her. Beauty herself also undergoes a transformation, transitioning from a dutiful daughter to a brave and compassionate wife. The Beast transforms as well, both physically and emotionally. Initially portrayed as a violent and aggressive creature, he becomes more gentle and loving as he falls in love with Beauty.

Home Settings:

The home settings in Beauty and the Beast also go through transformations, with Beauty’s family’s once luxurious home becoming dilapidated after they fall on hard times. The Beast’s castle, on the other hand, is initially dark and foreboding but becomes brighter and more welcoming as Beauty spends time there.

Relationships with Men:

In terms of Beauty’s relationships with men, she is initially very close to her father, who she clearly loves and respects. As she spends more time with the Beast, she develops a deep bond with him as well, and their relationship becomes the centerpiece of the story. It’s worth noting that the male characters in the story are somewhat limited in terms of their actions and agency, with Beauty’s sisters being largely passive and her brothers being absent for much of the narrative.

Hero’s Journey:

There is definitely a hero’s story for Beauty, as she undergoes significant character growth and demonstrates bravery, compassion, and a willingness to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Her journey from start to finish is not solely reliant on her physical beauty, as she also demonstrates strength of character and a strong sense of morality.

Gender Roles:

The gender roles in Beauty and the Beast are somewhat traditional, with the male characters being largely defined by their wealth and power, while the female characters are more focused on their relationships and emotional connections. However, it’s worth noting that Beauty’s character is portrayed as being more complex and multidimensional than many of the male characters in the story.

Motifs and Fairy Tale Elements:

The story of Beauty and the Beast is full of motifs and elements that are commonly associated with fairy tales, including magic, transformation, and a focus on love and morality. The moments of wonder in the story include the Beast’s transformation into a prince, the enchanted objects in his castle, and the magical rose that drives the plot forward.


In conclusion, the story of Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale that has endured for generations. The transformations that take place in the story, from wealth and power to character and home settings, all contribute to its enduring appeal. While the story is somewhat traditional in terms of its gender roles and characterizations of men and women, Beauty’s journey is a strong example of the hero’s journey and a testament to the power of love, compassion, and sacrifice.

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