The Impact of International Organizations on Human Rights: Analyzing the Actions of IGOs, NGOs, and MNCs in Addressing a Specific Human Rights Problem

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Final Research Paper: International Organizations and Human Rights
Your final research paper should be between 3-5 double-spaced pages, excluding the reference list. You must use Chicago-style parenthetical references.
Explore and analyze the impact of an IGO, NGO, or MNC on a specific human rights problem. Make sure to include overviews of the organizations you mention in your own words- no quotations, but be sure to cite paraphrased information with Chicago in-text citations.
Give the background of a specific human rights issue, event, or incident where an IGO, NGO, and/or MNC has taken action. Give a summary of that event, the outcome (or current progress), and an analysis of how you feel it was handled. Evaluate successes and failures, as well as what could have been done differently. Assess if the actors are cooperating on this issue and how well.
Your paper should include the following components:
Introduction with a thesis statement
Background of human rights issue
Background of the actor(s) and actions taken
Impact – what has been the outcome? Where did the actors succeed or fail? What could have been done differently? Should other actors have become involved? If so, who?
Setting up your essay, turning it in, and seeing feedback:
1. Do not use a cover page. Your name, assignment name, date, and page numbers should be in a header. In Word, go to “insert” and then “header.” Use the “help” function to learn more about inserting a header in Word.
2. Prepare and include a list of References (which will be the fifth page of the assignment). Make sure to use the appropriate citation format (Chicago).
3. Put your name on the file and the assignment name, too.
4. Use standard Word settings for the assignment. Double-space, 12 pt. font, 1″ margins. Use subheadings to set off the various sections of the paper, giving the subheadings a catchy title to let the reader know what’s in the section.



The issue of human rights violations has long been a concern for international organizations. In this paper, I will explore the impact of an international organization on a specific human rights problem. The focus of this analysis will be on the actions taken by an IGO, NGO, or MNC to address the issue, the successes and failures of those actions, and the impact of those actions on the overall outcome of the issue. This paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of these actors in addressing human rights violations and to provide recommendations for future action.

Background of Human Rights Issue:

One of the most pressing human rights issues in recent years has been the refugee crisis. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are currently over 26 million refugees worldwide, with more than 80% of them hosted by developing countries. The refugee crisis has led to a number of human rights violations, including lack of access to basic services, exploitation, and violence.

Background of Actors and Actions Taken:

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global humanitarian organization that provides emergency relief and long-term assistance to refugees and displaced persons. The organization was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein and has since provided assistance to refugees in over 40 countries.

In response to the refugee crisis, the IRC has taken a number of actions. The organization has provided emergency relief to refugees, including food, shelter, and medical care. The IRC has also provided long-term assistance to refugees, including education, job training, and legal assistance. Additionally, the IRC has advocated for refugee rights and worked to raise awareness of the refugee crisis.


The actions taken by the IRC have had a significant impact on the refugee crisis. The organization has provided essential assistance to refugees, including food, shelter, and medical care, which has helped to alleviate the suffering of millions of people. The IRC has also provided long-term assistance to refugees, including education and job training, which has helped to build the capacity of refugees to rebuild their lives.

However, there have also been challenges in the response to the refugee crisis. The scale of the crisis has made it difficult for organizations like the IRC to provide assistance to all those in need. Additionally, there have been instances of exploitation and violence against refugees, which the IRC has worked to address but has not been able to prevent entirely.


The response to the refugee crisis by the IRC provides an example of the important role that international organizations can play in addressing human rights violations. While there have been challenges in the response to the crisis, the actions taken by the IRC have had a significant impact on the lives of refugees. However, more needs to be done to address the root causes of the refugee crisis and to ensure that refugees are protected from exploitation and violence. As such, it is essential that organizations like the IRC continue to work to address the human rights violations faced by refugees, and that other actors become involved in these efforts as well.

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