Forensic Accounting and IRS Enrolled Agents: Balancing Professionalism and Profit

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Term 4 Week 5 Discussions
Week 5 Discussion Forum (MGT5430 Organizational Behavior)
Discuss the differences between functional and dysfunctional conflict. Why should a manager understand conflict?
Identify and define the five core job dimensions and the three critical psychological states in the Job Characteristics Model.
Week 5 Discussion Forum (MKT6920 Marketing Management)
Discuss how important social media is in today’s world and what types of social media you would spend your marketing budget on and why.
Please note that Wikipedia and Investopedia are not acceptable sources as they are considered non-academic.
Unit 5.1 Discussion Board (ACC325 Forensic Accounting)
Tom Anderson is a CPA who is engaged to prepare the annual tax return for Mary Wench, the EO of a company to which Tom provides regular consulting services. Each year Mary brings Tom several brown bags full of documents relating to her income and expenses. This year, when Tom is sorting through the documents, he finds something he hadn’t seen in previous years: a deposit receipt from a foreign trust in the Cayman Islands. The receipt for $50,000 was written by a Cayman Islands attorney, with a notation that it was for deposit in a trust account for the benefit of Mary Wench. Tom asked Mary about the receipt. “What is this?” he asked.
“Forget about it,” she said. “I want you to act like you never saw this.”
Tom is concerned that Mary may be evading taxes by not reporting income from the trust, and he is also concerned about the need to disclose the existence of the foreign trust on her tax return.
Should Tom immediately withdraw from the engagement without discussing it further, try to convince Mary to report the foreign trust and any related income, report the incident to the IRS or other authorities, and continue to do consulting for the company?
Unit 5.2 Discussion Board (ACC325 Forensic Accounting)
Sonya Fuentez, an IRS-enrolled agent, is preparing an annual income tax return for Carlito Alverez. Sonya is a little apprehensive about the engagement because she’s heard rumor that Alverez is a major drug trafficker with roots in Colombia.

At Alverez’s request, Sonya visits his home to discuss the details of his return. When she arrives, she’s shocked by the opulence she sees. The house is on 2 acres of land just west of the Intracoastal Waterway in Miami Beach. The land is completely surrounded by canals and connects to the rest of the city only via a narrow bridge that has a small guardhouse and security team protecting the entrance to the driveway. She sees other uniformed security guards walking around the perimeter of the property.

The three-story house appears to be as large as a small city block. She’s escorted by a housekeeper to a rear patio and garden where Alverez is sipping a martini and watching the large boats go by.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” he says. “I hear you’re really good. I hate paying taxes, so I need an accountant who can save me as much money as possible.”

Sonya smiled and accepted a martini from a tray brought to her by a man wearing crisp black and white tuxedo-type clothes.

“I’ll pay you $50,000 for your help,” he said. “All in cash, if you want.”

Sonya needed the money, so she said, “Ok, I’ll accept your very generous offer.”

“Great,” he said. “Let’s get started.”

“One thing first,” she said. “I must ask you before we start not to tell me about any illegal activities. I won’t be able to help you if you do that. I must also tell you that you must be completely truthful in your tax return, and you must report all income.”

“Okay,” he said, “I get most of my money from commissions on my international import and export business.” He grinned from ear to ear. “I don’t mind paying my taxes on that. The U.S. has been good to me, and I’m happy to do my part in the tax system here.”

“You’re a Columbian citizen?” she asked.

“I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen,” he replied. “I even got to see John Ashcroft at the ceremony at the Convention Center.”

He went on to show her detailed records of income and expenses. Most of the incoming funds had been deposited directly into foreign banks.

“I’ll take these documents back to my office,” she said.

She returned to her office and spoke to Julia Whitaker, her partner.

“Don’t even think about doing this guy’s tax return,” said Julia.

“What do you mean?” asked Sonya. “He wants to pay his taxes. All I want to do is help him.”

“Yes, but we both know what he imports and exports.”

“You don’t know anything for sure,” snapped Sonya. “Just because he’s rich and has a reputation doesn’t make him guilty of anything.”

“Forget that,” said Julia. “Let’s just assume he’s a drug trafficker. Given that, can you accept this engagement?”

Can and should Sonya accept the engagement with Alverez? Why or why not?
Unit 5 DB: Organizational Structures (ACC430 Accounting Information Systems)
Per Chapter 8 Problem 12, Organizational Structure and Span of Control comment as to the advantages and disadvantages of the organizational structures proposed.  What structure would you recommend?  Perhaps you would recommend a third structure.
12. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE AND SPAN OF CONTROL Refer to the organization charts labeled Structure A and Structure B in the figure for problem 12. (Figure Attached)
a. For the organizational structure A, describe the
1. advantages and disadvantages of this structure.
2. impact of the resulting span of control.
3. effect of the organizational structure on employee behavior.
b.  For the flat organizational structure B, describe the
b.1. advantages and disadvantages of that organizational structure.
b.2. impact of the resulting span of control.
b.3. effect of the organizational structure on employee behavior.
c. When determining the appropriate span of control for a company, discuss the factors that should be considered.


MGT5430 Organizational Behavior: Functional conflict refers to conflicts that lead to improved outcomes and better decision-making in organizations, while dysfunctional conflict refers to conflicts that negatively impact the organization and its members. A manager should understand conflict because it is a common and inevitable part of organizational life. Conflicts can arise from a variety of sources such as differences in goals, resources, values, and personality. By understanding conflict, managers can better handle and resolve conflicts, leading to improved outcomes and increased organizational performance.

The five core job dimensions in the Job Characteristics Model are skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. These dimensions describe the characteristics of a job that lead to job satisfaction and motivation. The three critical psychological states in the Job Characteristics Model are experienced meaningfulness, experienced responsibility, and knowledge of results. These states reflect the impact of the job characteristics on the employee and are considered critical to job satisfaction and motivation.

MKT6920 Marketing Management: Social media is increasingly important in today’s world as it provides a platform for companies to reach their target audience and engage with them in real-time. For marketing budget allocation, companies should consider the type of social media platform that best aligns with their target audience. For example, if a company’s target audience is primarily younger, they might focus on platforms like TikTok or Instagram, while if the target audience is older, they might focus on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Additionally, companies should also consider the type of content they want to promote and the type of platform that is most suitable for that content. For example, if the company wants to promote a new product, visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest might be more effective, while if the company wants to share industry insights, platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter might be more suitable.

ACC325 Forensic Accounting: Tom Anderson, the CPA preparing Mary Wench’s annual tax return, should not ignore the deposit receipt from the foreign trust. He has a professional obligation to report any illegal activity that he becomes aware of, including tax evasion. If he continues to do consulting work for the company without reporting to the foreign trust, he may be implicated in illegal activity. Instead, he should discuss the situation with Mary and advise her to report the foreign trust and any related income on her tax return. If she refuses, he should report the incident to the IRS or other appropriate authorities and withdraw from the engagement.

In the second scenario with Sonya Fuentez and Carlito Alverez, Sonya should not accept the engagement to prepare Carlito’s tax return. She has reason to believe that Carlito may have engaged in illegal activities and she must not knowingly participate in the preparation of false tax returns. If Sonya does not withdraw from the engagement, she may be implicated in illegal activities and face professional and legal consequences.

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