Exploring the Pros and Cons: The Debate on Requiring a Governmental ID to Vote

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Writing an outline on Should a governmental ID be necessary to vote or not?
Student presentations are NOT to be based solely on opinions, students will need to do research as well.
Students will also need to very clearly state the source (s) that they have used to complete their research within their presentation.
Submission is to be a Word doc.
Within the outline, students are to include, and cite the source they used.  Your source should be referenced WITHIN the outline and not just listed at the bottom of the page.  EXAMPLE of internal citation: According to the Mayo Clinic’s 2021 survey, 53% of dentists found flossing reduces cavities.   Be mindful of PLAGIARISM. Quotes/unoriginal information should be less than 5% of your summary, yes this even includes quoting. The outline should NOT be a cumulation of unoriginal information,  as per the statement above.  The majority of the outline should be your words/summary. Students should use Grammarly to avoid point deductions for grammar, sentence structure, word usage, plagiarism, and unoriginal information.


I. Introduction A. Background information on the topic B. Importance of the issue C. Thesis statement

II. Pros of Requiring Governmental ID to Vote A. Prevents voter fraud B. Increases the integrity of the electoral process C. Ensures fair and accurate election results

III. Cons of Requiring Governmental ID to Vote A. Disenfranchisement of eligible voters B. Creates unnecessary barriers to voting C. Discriminatory effects on certain groups of voters

IV. Current State Laws on Voter ID Requirements A. Overview of state laws and regulations B. Comparison of states with and without ID requirements C. Examples of controversial ID laws

V. Arguments for and Against Voter ID Requirements A. Opinions and arguments from proponents of ID requirements B. Opinions and arguments from opponents of ID requirements C. Analysis of the validity of these arguments

VI. Conclusion A. Summary of main points B. Personal stance on the issue C. Implications and future of the debate on voter ID requirements.


  • “Voter Identification Requirements | Voter ID Laws,” National Conference of State Legislatures.
  • “A Summary of the Evidence on Voter ID Laws,” Brennan Center for Justice.
  • “Pros and Cons of Voter ID Laws,” ProCon.org.

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