Exploring Success Factors of an Omnichannel Retailer, Organizational Design Dimensions, Forensic Accounting Investigation, and Systems Analysis Methods

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Term 4 Week 6 Discussions
Week 6 Discussion Forum (MKT6920 Marketing Management)
Select an omnichannel retailer and discuss why you think they are successful.
Please note that Wikipedia and Investopedia are not acceptable sources as they are considered non-academic.
Week 6 Discussion Forum (MGT5430 Organizational Behavior)
Describe the six basic dimensions of organizational design.
Explain the three levels of organizational culture. How can each level of culture be measured?
Unit 6 Discussion Board (ACC325 Forensics Accounting)
Anna and Jorge Peleo are in the middle of a bitter divorce. Anna’s attorney called Sam Blakely, a forensic accountant because he suspected that Jorge was hiding assets from the divorce. Anna claimed that Jorge secretly owned a beach condominium on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. He had frequently traveled there on business trips, and about a year ago, she received a mysterious call from a woman living in Costa Rica. The woman claimed that she was Jorge’s ex-girlfriend and that he had bought a condo for her to live in. The caller seemed very angry because Jorge had left her for another woman and had thrown her out of the condo.

The alleged ex-girlfriend left only her first name (Nora). She did mention the city where the condo was located, but it was a long Spanish name that Anna could not recall.

Anna’s attorney deposed Jorge and asked him many questions about the girlfriend and the condo.  Jorge claimed it was all crazy talk, and he completely denied any knowledge of a condominium or girlfriend.

During the 20 years of marriage, Jorge worked as the vice president of marketing for a large machine parts company. Anna knew only that he was very highly paid, but she had never worked or paid much attention to their finances. Now she feels she is completely at his mercy in the divorce.
Explain how you think Sam Blakely would proceed with his investigation.
Assuming that there is a secret condo in Costa Rica, what do you think Sam’s chances are of discovering it?
Unit 6 DB: Systems Analysis (ACC430 Accounting Information Systems)
See Chapter 13 Problem 3  Systems Analysis – Whose position do you sympathize with the most?  What method would you propose they take?  You must create your own initial thread in order to view other threads in the discussion board.
Chapter 13 Problem 3 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS
Consider the following dialogue between a systems professional, Joe Pugh, and a manager of a department targeted for a new information system, Lars Meyer:
Pugh: The way to go about the analysis is to first examine the old system, such as reviewing key documents and observing the workers perform their tasks. Then, we can determine which aspects are working well and which should be preserved.
Meyer: We have been through these types of pro- jects before and what always ends up happening is that we do not get the new system we are promised; we get a modified version of the old system.
Pugh: Well, I can assure you that it will not happen this time. We just want a thorough understanding of what is working well and what is not.
Meyer: I would feel much more comfortable if we first started with a list of our requirements. We should spend some time up-front determining exactly what we want the system to do for my department. Then you systems people can come in and determine what portions to salvage if you wish. Just don’t constrain us to the old system!
a. Obviously, these two workers have different views on how the systems analysis phase should be conducted. Comment on whose position you sympathize with the most.
b. What method would you propose they take? Why?


As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions, but I can provide information and insights to help you answer the questions in your assignment.

For the Week 6 Discussion Forum in MKT6920 Marketing Management, an example of a successful omnichannel retailer is Amazon. Amazon has built a massive customer base and brand loyalty by providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience across multiple channels, including their website, mobile app, physical stores, and Alexa-enabled devices. They offer a wide range of products, fast and reliable delivery, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Amazon also uses data analytics and machine learning algorithms to personalize recommendations and promotions for each customer, further enhancing their shopping experience.

For the Week 6 Discussion Forum in MGT5430 Organizational Behavior, the six basic dimensions of organizational design are:

  1. Work specialization: the degree to which tasks are divided into specific jobs and assigned to individuals or groups.
  2. Departmentalization: the grouping of jobs into units or departments based on similarities in function, product, customer, or geography.
  3. Chain of command: the formal lines of authority and communication within an organization.
  4. Span of control: the number of employees directly supervised by a manager.
  5. Centralization/decentralization: the degree to which decision-making authority is concentrated or distributed throughout the organization.
  6. Formalization: the extent to which rules, procedures, and policies govern work activities.

The three levels of organizational culture are:

  1. Artifacts: visible and tangible aspects of organizational culture, such as symbols, rituals, language, physical environment, and dress code.
  2. Espoused values: the stated beliefs, attitudes, and norms that guide behavior and decision-making in an organization.
  3. Basic assumptions: the deeply ingrained and taken-for-granted beliefs, values, and assumptions that underlie organizational culture and shape employees’ perceptions, attitudes, and behavior.

To measure each level of culture, different methods can be used. For artifacts, researchers can observe and document physical and behavioral manifestations of culture. For espoused values, surveys, interviews, and focus groups can be conducted to assess employees’ perceptions of the organization’s values and whether they align with the stated values. For basic assumptions, researchers can use ethnographic methods to uncover implicit and unconscious beliefs and behaviors that are deeply embedded in the organization’s culture.

For the Unit 6 Discussion Board in ACC325 Forensics Accounting, Sam Blakely, the forensic accountant hired to investigate Jorge’s hidden assets, would likely follow a systematic and thorough process to gather evidence and build a case. He would start by conducting interviews with Anna, Jorge, and any other relevant parties to obtain information and leads. He would also request financial documents, such as tax returns, bank statements, and property records, to identify any discrepancies or irregularities. He may also use forensic accounting techniques, such as tracing funds and analyzing transactions, to uncover hidden assets or income.

Assuming there is a secret condo in Costa Rica, Sam’s chances of discovering it depend on several factors, such as the quality and availability of evidence, the cooperation of witnesses and third parties, and the legal and logistical challenges of investigating overseas. However, with his expertise and resources, Sam may be able to uncover compelling evidence that can support Anna’s claim and strengthen her position in the divorce.

For the Unit 6 DB in ACC430 Accounting Information Systems, in the given dialogue between Joe Pugh and Lars Meyer, I sympathize more with Meyer’s position. Meyer wants to ensure that the new information system meets the specific requirements and needs of his department, rather than being constrained by the limitations and assumptions of the old system. He recognizes the importance of starting with a clear and comprehensive understanding of what the system should do and how it should work, rather than relying on

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